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It seems like accent nails are everywhere! Accent nails are a great design to be perfectly done at a professional Nail salon 55435, without having to worry about paying a high cost for some complicated nail art. It spices up your regular manicure without taking it over the top, because it only involves one or two nails. Remember that any nail can be your accent nail. Feel free to try out this nail trend and showcase your creativity. Below are 6 best types of accent nail art for you to get inspired in your next manicure.

Nail salon 55435 | Serenity Spa & Nails | Edina, MN 55435


Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. Why not add it to your accent nails? A little diamond stud on your accent nails will definitely draw attention to your customized manicure. The sparkle will make those accent nails stand out. Having jewelry on your ring finger will spruce up your customized manicure. Pretty much everyone, at one point, has worn their accent nails on their ring finger. You can show off your ringless finger or you can show off that diamond wedding ring on your finger. The experienced nail techs at a top-rated nail salon Edina MN 55435 certainly can do this style on your accent nails.

nail salon in edina mn 55435
Nail salon 55435 | Serenity Spa & Nails | Edina, MN 55435


The best way to showcase your creativity and fashion is with this accent nail design. Having the floral design on your accent nails will be the right balance of cute and sweet, without the floral overload. Flowers can be seen in any season, in summer you can rock daisies and sunflowers with a bright background and during the winter you can have a floral design on a darker background of your nail.

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Nail salon 55435 | Serenity Spa & Nails | Edina, MN 55435

Sprinkle your French tips with Cow Spots!

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Nail salon 55435 | Serenity Spa & Nails | Edina, MN 55435

It’s clear to see: Animal print Nails designs in Edina are having a major moment. We have seen tortoise, leopard, tiger, and zebra nails and other styles that remind to the savannah. Now, it is time to move in a farm. A classic cow print is simply the cutest, no matter how you wear it! Actually, if well matched, these manicures are very chic, sexy and refined.

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Nail salon 55435 | Serenity Spa & Nails | Edina, MN 55435